Our Team:

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure their needs are met to the highest degree. It is important to us to get the details right and perform a perfect service. The leaders at GVE manage each service personally; teaming with our staff to cater to you and your guests. Our mission is to take care of each and every guest. Our staff is comprised of highly qualified, hand-picked members who illustrate our values of respect, tradition and professionalism. 

Photo Credit: Nico Lopez Bruchi


Our breakfast service is an informal buffet style service. Our chef and staff handle everything: preparations, set-up, service and cleaning. 

Minimum number of persons: 15

Maximum number of persons: 40

Sample Menu

- Coffee, Tea, Milk & Juice
- Breads
- Cereal & Yogurts
- Butter, Jam & Nutella
- Eggs, Bacon, Ham & Cheese
- Homemade Cakes & Traditional Tuscan Pastries
- Fresh Fruit


Our brunch service is a formal buffet style service. Our chef and staff handle everything: preparations, set-up, service and cleaning. 

Minimum number of persons: 15

Maximum number of persons: 40

Our menu can be customized to fit your group's needs. 

Sample Menu

- Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sparkling & Still Water, Orange & Pineapple Juice and White Wine
- A Variety of Tuscan Cold Cuts
- A Variety of Tuscan Cheeses
- Breads
- Traditional Tuscan Pastries
- Quiche & Panzanella
- Jam, Eggs, Bacon, Caprese & Green Salad
- Fresh Fruits

Sample Menu

- Prosciutto e Melone (raw ham & melon)
- Penne al Pomodoro (pasta with tomato sauce & basil)
- Pollo Arrosto con Patate (roast chicken with potatoes)
- Insalata Mista (mixed salad)
- Anguria (watermelon)


We offer two different style lunch options. First, a formal lunch prepared by our chef and served by our staff. Secondly, an informal lunch service called, Tuscan Mommies, which is prepared and served by a real Tuscan mom. Both offer their own unique flavor and are great way to experience the Tuscan cuisine.

Sample Menu

- Bruschette (baked bread with tomatoes, garlic, onions, salt, pepper & extra virgin olive oil)
- Pappardelle al Ragu (pasta with a ragu sauce)
- Cinghiale in Salmi (stuffed wild boar)
- Patate al Forno (baked potatoes)
- Torta Millefoglie (Traditional Italian Cake)


Much like our Lunch service options; we offer a formal catered dinner or a Tuscan Mommies dinner. Whether you have a chef or a Tuscan mom, you will be delighted with an amazing meal to share with your family and friends. All preparations, set-up, service and clean up is included in our services.

Sample Menu

- Fruit & Citrus Juices
- Sparkling & Still Water
- Coffee, Espresso & Tea
- Variety of Salty Pastry Mignon
- Mini Savory Croissants
- Variety of Sweet Pastry Mignon
- Tarts with Organic Jams

Coffee Break

For our business clientele, Coffee Breaks are essential for large conferences and board meetings. We provide catering services for all the big cooperations in Volterra; political and private. Discretion and professionalism is key, as we cater to Tuscany's elite. 


- Beverages: Sparkling Water, Red or White Wine
- Appetizer Pizza
- Pizza (over 15 ingredients)
- Sweet Pizza

Pizza Party

Our Pizza Party's are a fun, lively atmosphere with the finest local ingredients. Our pizzas are created in front of you and cooked in our outdoor pizza oven. We encourage our guests to get involved in the pizza tossing fun and take a shot at making their own pizza!


- Beverages: Sparkling Water, Red or White Wine
- Bruschetta
- Pork Ribs, Sausages, Chicken, Tagliata di Manzo
- Florentine Beef Steak
- Eggplant, Zucchini, Fresh Salad 

BBQ Party

Our BBQ Party's are the perfect way to enjoy the evening. Everything is prepared and cooked in front of our guests and served by our waiting staff as a informal buffet service. The key feature of the night is the Florentine Steak.

Sample Menu

- Crostino Toscano (traditional Tuscan crostini)
- Raviolo di Margo Burro e Salvia (ravioli with a butter and sage cream)
- Faraona all Maremmana (guinea fowl with maremmana sauce)
- Torta al Riso Soffiato e Cioccolato (chocolate rice crispy cake)

Cooking Class

Our cooking class is taught by one of our chefs who will take you through each step carefully, explaining each technique thoroughly. This is the perfect way to learn the Tuscan secrets to creating the perfect dish. Participants will prepare an entire meal for themselves and their group. You may also customize your meal to cook.  

Open Bar Option

- Two or More Bartenders on Staff
- Bar Station with Lighting
- Cocktails & Liquor of Your Choosing
- White & Red Wine
- Prosecco
- Draft Beer
- Ice & Glassware

Bar Services

We owned a local bar in Volterra for four years. We ourselves are skilled barmen. We offer four different bar options. Our bar services can be hired for any gathering. We also offer a Bartending Class, where we teach our clients the proper skills and techniques to make a perfect cocktail.