Our Olives

Our olive groves consists of 400 hundred olive trees grown at Country Relais & Spa Le Capanne. It is made up of seven various types of olives to create a perfectly balanced oil; very healthy and above all else naturally delicious. Vera Toscana is an All Natural and All Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; no chemical agents are ever introduced to our olives, as they consistently remain in their purest form.



Our olives are carefully selected and harvested by hand; as Italians have historically done for centuries. The oil is obtained from our olives solely by mechanical means (EC Reg. 1019-2002). We use our local mill to squeeze the olives and extract the precious oil in a rigorous processing cycle that is divided into 7 essential steps:

Harvesting, Washing, Pressing, Kneading, Squeezing, Separation and Storage. 


Vera Toscana is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil; the highest quality of oil you can obtain. We gained our certification in 2019. Our olive oil is created in the purest form; no chemical agents are ever added and we only use ancient techniques to gather the olives and produce the oil by mechanical means.

Who uses vera toscana?

Dolceria del Corso Catering: of course for all our cooking needs, we use our own oil! Every dish is complemented with our very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Speisemeisterei: a Michelin star restaurant located in Stuttgart, Germany. Co-Owner and head chef, Markus Eberhardinger purchased the entire reserved portion in which we sell to be used in the restaurant. 

The Common Family: families throughout the world have purchased Vera Toscana for their everyday cooking needs. We have growing interest in the United States and throughout Europe.