Our Catering mission

The heart of our catering company is our main chef, Fabiola. A true Tuscan native, mom and business woman. She cooks for our guests with true authenticity. Every dish she creates is carefully crafted with recipes passed down from her ancestors. Like our pastry cuisine, we only use the highest quality organic foods and produce, all locally sourced from Volterra. Top notch quality food is our standard. 

Every event we cater is managed by a GVE leader, with our staff we provide the best service; insuring each and every guest is taking care of personally. Respect and professionalism is key, as we take care of everything, so you can sit back and relax.


Past - Present

Dolceria del Corso Catering was founded in 1987. We were the 1st catering company in Volterra and the 2nd catering company in Pisa. Our first catering event was a family wedding; one of the first weddings to be catered, all others were held at restaurants. We began our work in the city of Volterra. As we gained experience, knowledge and contacts we began to expand and diversify. Roughly 35 years later, we have extended our reach into every region of Italy, as well as crossing international boarders into France, Germany and Great Britain. Today, we cater every kind of event from small intimate gatherings to high profile galas. As our experience grew, our clientele flourished; 90% of our clientele today comes from abroad. We attribute our success to the quality of our food and professionalism by going the extra mile for our clients.  

Catering Style


With every buffet style event, composition is key, whether it is a pizza party, brunch or wedding. Attention to detail is crucial as we bring the space to life through food. The greatest memories are created over drinks and food with your loved ones, so it is important to us that those moments are perfect and our guests have everything they need on demand. 

Photo Credit: Nico Lopez Bruchi

Personal Service

Much like our buffet ideals, for our personal service the composition and service must be perfect. Whether it is a lunch or wedding dinner, the table setting must be appropriate and beautiful. Our staff will take care of all your needs, paying attention to each guest and the event as a whole. Our GVE leaders are always present to ensure a perfect service.

Photo Credit: Nico Lopez Bruchi