Bedroom overview

Villa Le Capanne has nine bedrooms. Seven bedrooms are located in the main house and two bedrooms are private suites with their own private exterior entrance. These two suites are connected to the main house and are accessible through a small exterior staircase. Each bedroom has its own entrance and private full bath. Villa Le Capanne has a maximum capacity of twenty-two persons.

Our bedrooms are unique and offer their own perks; fulfilling its own identity, yet complementing the whole. Individual rooms are geared towards friends, partners and families.

Please the information below regarding which bedrooms can accommodate an additional single bed and/or playpen for children. 

Photo Credits: Alessio Laz, unless otherwise stated.

Bedroom Images

Bedroom 1, ADA Accessible.

Bedroom 3.

Bedroom 6.

Suite 1 Bathroom.

Back of Villa. 

Bed Type

Bedroom 1: One Queen Bed
Bedroom 2: One Queen Bed
Bedroom 3: One Queen Bed
Bedroom 4: Two Single Beds
Bedroom 5: One Queen Bed
Bedroom 6: One Queen Bed
Bedroom 7: One Queen Bed
Suite 1: One Queen Bed
Suite 2: One Queen Bed

Bedroom 2.

Bedroom 4.

Bedroom 7.

Suite 2.

Photo Credit: Frances Sales. Staircase to private suites.

Possible Extra Bed

Bedroom 1: No
Bedroom 2: Yes
Bedroom 3: Yes
Bedroom 4: No
Bedroom 5: Yes
Bedroom 6: Yes
Bedroom 7: No
Suite 1: Yes (x2)
Suite 2: Yes (x2)

Bedroom 2 Bathtub.

Bedroom 5.

Suite 1.

Suite 2 Bathroom.

Photo Credit: Frances Sales. Access to private suites.

Possible Playpen

Bedroom 1: Yes
Bedroom 2: Yes
Bedroom 3: Yes
Bedroom 4: No
Bedroom 5: Yes
Bedroom 6: Yes
Bedroom 7: Yes
Suite 1: Yes (x2)
Suite 2: Yes (x2)

There are a total of four extra single beds that can be added; to verify which room can accomodate an additional single bed, see the column titled “Possible Extra Bed.” There are a total of two playpens provided by Le Capanne; please see the column titled “Possible Playpen,” to verify which room can accomodate a playpen. The only extra beds allowed are those provided by Le Capanne. Blowup mattresses and such, are strictly prohibited and will be fined two hundred and fifty (250 €) euro per each extra sleeping device. 

Floor Plans

Ground Floor.

First Floor.