Cementing a history..

Dolceria del Corso was established in 1984, with nothing more then capable hands and a passion for food. As all good things, we have transformed, evolved and developed over the years; cementing a piece of history in the city of Volterra as the oldest shop in town. One thing has always remained, our passion for excellence; a passion to achieve the highest quality and the true meaning of Tuscan Tradition. As our ancestors before us, we strive to be rooted in our community, grounded in the people, culture and tradition. Our emphasis on tradition and excellence has propelled us out of the small town of Volterra, into every region of Italy and into France and Germany. We work with the highest form of passion, dedication and professionalism; ensuring our customers are greeted with the exquisite taste of Tuscany in every bite.


The past

In 1984, we opened the doors to Dolceria del Corso. After working as a pastry chef for some years, Giancarlo set out on his own, establishing the pastry shop with his wife Fabiola. Later his father joined their team, and they began to build a highly respected reputation for themselves. Dolceria del Corso began as a pastry shop, selling only cakes and pastries, until years later it expanded into a full café. With the renovations in 1998, a tea room was added and our kitchen expanded three times in size. Its success has been attributed to the ownership style: a pastry shop of the people, for the people. We were owners who embraced the community as their extended family, treating them with the very best pastries and cakes Tuscany had to offer. Not only did we hold true to our culture, we pushed the bounds of the creative arts in the culinary world; giving our customer's the perfection of the old and the new.

The present

Over the course of 32 years, we have been one of the top pastry shops in Pisa. We have extended our reach from Volterra to high powered cities like: Rome, Milan, Bologna and Turin. We have crossed international boarders into France and Germany, supplying them with the excellence of Tuscan pastries and cakes. Today, we are still recognized as a central hub of Volterra; still rooted and grounded in the people and culture. As some say, we are arguably number one for pastries and cakes; providing restaurants and shops with pastries and making the majority of cakes for our community. We are part of the evolution of pastries and cakes in Volterra, as we are famously known for our wedding cake designs. We have brought new ideas and recipes into the culinary world and pushed the bounds of culinary art. We are the go to for wedding cakes and new inventions.